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Women’s Jujutsu Classes

"In a fight between a strong technique and a strong body, technique will prevail. In a fight between a strong mind and a strong technique, mind will prevail, because it will find the weak point" - Taisen Deshimaru.

About Women’s Jujutsu Classes

Our Women’s Jujutsu classes are intended for women looking to improve their fitness, strength and flexibility in a fun and rewarding environment.

These classes have outstanding health benefits, challenging you both mentally and physically.

All of our jujutsu employs leverage over strength which is key to it’s practicality and effectiveness even when used by smaller individuals. Our style of jujutsu includes striking, locks, restraints, chokes, throws, grappling and weapon work. Because of the depth and practicality it is extremely popular with law enforcement, security and military personnel as well as your average person off the street.

It can all sound a little daunting if you haven’t done martial arts before but it is very logical and run in an extremely supportive environment!

Learn these skills and more in our women’s  jujutsu classes:

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  • How to use leverage over strength
  • Situational awareness and threat assessment
  • Defence against the most common attacks standing and on the ground
  • The fundamentals of striking without injuring yourself
  • The psychology of self defence


Colosseum Martial Arts has a jujutsu grading system tailored especially for women to enable full progression through to black belt level. All self defence and jujutsu techniques studied from all belts are optimised for effective neutralisation of the attack as fast as possible and escape to safety.

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[su_note note_color=”#d60303″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”0″]Register your interest for weekly women’s only jujutsu classes. Phone 0409 822 127 or fill out the form below.[/su_note]

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